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Soul Comfort

by Nhojj

VERSE 1 Its Sunday morning And I’m alone on the beach Watching the beauty of sunrise Wind through my hair Caressing my face Feeling the sand beneath my feet Later that day I’m walking through the park Listening to the song on the breeze Love is the thought Peace in my heart I know why VERSE 2 The candles are lit Incense stick burning Nurturing the spirit within Warm waters running Sea salts are falling Badu badu do we do be Music is soft Jazz to be precise Strawberries lay in a dish You may expect to hear someone at the door But no tonight
Music 03:23
VERSE 1 Music is the song I’m singing Music is the way I’m giving Music gives my life the meaning Music makes my world go round Music is the healer for me Music is the love that I need Music is a friend I turn to Music understands me VERSE 2 Music is the space I pray in Music is God blessing me Music is the place I go to When the world is stressing me Music is the sea I swim in Music waves wash over me Music is the point I dream of When I close my eyes to sleep VERSE 3 Music takes me to a world Where I am happy, I am free Music is the One I turn to Music lives inside of me
VERSE 1 I’m tired of being lonely Even when you’re near I’m tired of always fighting - so tired The years have passed by And yet we’re still together tonight Arguing, bickering Where did all the love we share go CHORUS Please come back Please come back Love our love Please come back VERSE 2 I’m tired of always hiding Even from myself I’m tired of all the lies we’ve told us - so tired The years have passed by Yet we’re still alone tonight Words of pain, tears of hate When did all the love we share die
Love 03:32 video
VERSE 1 You’re eyes are closed You’re next to me Our fingers touching Don’t fall a sleep I want to see you nude in the moonlight The shore is empty, this time its right CHORUS Cause you are the one for me Baby can you see We were meant to be This is destiny VERSE 2 Our lips are tender Our bodies close Our hearts reaching Who could give the most, thoughts are dancing slow Our thighs now meet, our souls are singing, harmony sweet CHORUS Yes you are the one for me We were meant to be Love is in so deep This is destiny VAMP Love is so sweet Love is so sweet Love is so sweet
Soul Comfort 01:00
Soul comfort...
Dream 03:32
VERSE 1 Here are your thoughts Here is your soul Here is the time Here is the goal Here is your gift Here is your light There is the moon and This is the night So what’s your desire dear? Write it down here Make sure its clear This is a prayer - Yeah Now don’t you be afraid - No no no The power lies within the body Hold that picture in your mind Now close your eyes And realize You’ll be alright Its starting CHORUS So let go And soar Spread your wings and fly away Let go And realize You’ll be alright No need to fight Its starting VERSE 2 Here is your dream Here is your life Here is the truth and Here is the lie Here is your high Here is your low There is a way… but Before you go What’s your desire dear? Write it down here Hold it so near Make this is your prayer - Yeah Now don’t you be afraid- No no no Dreams only live within your body Hold that picture in your mind Now close your eyes And realize You’ll be alright Its starting
VERSE 1 Inner falls Search my soul My silent soul Inner lights Need the sound of father sun before I find my way In a spring rain I was born CHORUS In this body Nature's body I've found my soul It's angels' party… in my body We'll dance with timeless soul In spring rain VERSE 2 On my hands Water's falling in the forest inside of me I'm already too far And the sky sends its light for me To clear my eyes
VERSE 1 This world shun your light Was too bright for its eyes Left you to grope around In darkness Over the years You fought for your right To give to receive love Now you leave us return to the light Body lies in the grave No more life - no more pain.
VERSE 1 My brother I’m writing this To tell you I love you You showed me what true friendship means This life is rough But knowing you has made me better You shared your strength CHORUS And I want you to know Brother You help me to grow I thank you Where ever you go Always be/stay true VERSE 2 Sitting here Thinking of Tough times I came through You were there, helped me make it through This life gets rough But knowing you has made me stronger You shared your faith
CHORUS Let the sun shine in Move to the Light Relaxation… Feel the power Nature’s power Healing power VERSE 1 Make my step Light and swift So I can move to the Light Light my path Show me now So I can get to the Light Let my heart Open wide And I will move to the Light Accept my gifts Bless my soul I’ve got to move in the Light
CHORUS Peace be unto you Blessings in all you do VERSE 1 May you laugh loudly with all your heart and soul Ancestors grant us love May you bless each life you touch along your path May you overcome your pain VERSE 2 May prosperity forever be a friend of yours Ancestors light our way May your demons cease to scream and bring you fear May they inspire you to grow VERSE 3 May the raindrops continue to caress your soul Ancestors grant us peace May you always climb the mountain of your dreams May happiness surround you


Nhojj stands out as the real deal, his sweet-soul approach coming across like an understated Maxwell on an album, "Soul Comfort", that exudes delicacy and controlled release. The Lucky Fellow-ish "Peace & Blessings" has already been picked up by many a DJ, a deservedly so - it really ought to be a big early summer tune. "Dream" has that under-current pull of sexiness which Urban Hang Suite achieved most of the way through. The opener "Doing M' Thing" pulses and bounces in just the right amounts. - ECHOES MAGAZINE

I got stuck on track two! The repeat button was on big time! This is a track called, simply, "Music". The album, overall, has a semi-acoustic feel to it's Soulful proceedings, which is very pleasing on the ear and culminates in the glorious anthemic "Peace and Blessings". A barnstormer of a song. A highly recommended offering. - SOUL WALKING

"Soul Comfort" was written, produced and performed by Nhojj and features a number of gems that showcase his remarkable talents. With traces of Maxwell, Sade and D'Angelo dusted throughout the CD, His own brand of music is a fusion of soulful moods flecked with a joyous celebration of life and light. The musical journey on "Soul Comfort" soothingly blends quiet storm, soul and sweetness all wrapped in a cozy blanket of spiritual awareness. It is easy listening spiked with organic layers of pure simple lyrics. - CARIB NEWSPAPER

A voice that envelops the body and soul. A mood of deep spirituality with strong connotations funk jazz and soul. Pressing the play button is the first step in a direct trip to calm, relaxed, sensual Caribbean atmosphere, accompanied by the unmistakable rich voice of an artist who has gradually gained more and more space in the nu soul and R&B scene, the genesis of soul and plenty of comfort and begun in 2007 and came to fruition thanks to the collaboration of musicians of the first order accompanying the persuasive voice of Nhojj on a journey through positive vibrations. - ACID JAZZ MAGAZINE

He's unique, original, spiritual, gifted and is a must hear, must see and don't walk, run out & purchase this piece of art. Trust me, you will be glad that you did. If you want something new, fresh and off the hook, just click and order your copy. - GBM NEWS


released January 1, 2008

Producer - Nhojj
Co-producer - Jon Evans for Jonwerx Recording
Pre-production - Jonwerx Recording
Engineers - Jon Evans & Arsenio "Artie" Rodriguez
Additional Recording & Engineering - Brett Michael Wiesman, Dan Diaz, ClffSound Productions, Secret Forest Productions, Funk/Soul Productions
Mixing - Jon Evans
Recording - JW Studios
Mastering - Robert Honablue at The Disc Factory

Guitars - David Stark, Butch Taylor, Mike Ibrahim, Marcelo Cardozo
Keyboards - Carl Evans, Tom Camp, SMS, Sam Archer
String Programming - Carl Evans
Bass - Josquin des Pres, Butch Taylor, Mike Clinton
Drums - Michael Evans, Joel Rosenblatt
Drum Programming - SMS
Percussion - Tommy Aros, Jary Mall, Jennifer Corsaro
Horns & Flute - Chris Klich
Trombone - Bob Carlson
Baritone Sax - Scott Harper
Tenor/Alto Sax - SMS
Trumpet - Bill Losier
Scratch FX - DJ Kool Kat

Poets - baron & seân
Guest Vocalists - Mike Ibrahim, ButtaFlySoul, Dwaine Bramwell, Jesse O, Sam Martinborough
Background Vocals - Nhojj
Background Vocal Arrangements - Nhojj

Legal Representation - John Fitzgerald
Executive Producer - Ron San Marchi

Art Direction - Nhojj & seân for uni aum Entertainment
Design - Discmakers
Photography - Wilson Prunier, baron, George Dixon & Stephen Churchill Downes
Stylist - seân for uni aum Entertainment
Manufactured and Printed by Discmakers, Pennsauken, NJ, USA


all rights reserved



Nhojj Orlando, Florida

Singer/songwriter and poet wading through the rivers of R&B, soul, jazz, and reggae.

My intention is to create sonic spaces where you can experience yourself through the lens of love and acceptance.

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