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Karaoke Vol​.​1

by Nhojj

Its Sunday morning And I’m alone on the beach Watching the beauty of sunrise Wind through my hair Caressing my face Feeling the sand beneath my feet Later that day I’m walking through the park Listening to the song on the breeze Love is the thought Peace in my heart I know why Chorus: Cause I’m doing my thing The candles are lit Incense stick burning Nurturing the spirit within Warm waters running Sea salts are falling Badu badu do we do be Music is soft Jazz to be precise Strawberries lay in a dish You may expect to hear someone at the door But no tonight Chorus: Cause I’m doing my thing
Music 03:24
Music is the song I’m singing Music is the way I’m giving Music gives my life the meaning Music makes my world go round Music is the healer for me Music is the love that I need Music is a friend I turn to Music understands me Chorus: Yeah Music is the space I pray in Music is God blessing me Music is the place I go to When the world is stressing me Music is the sea I swim in Music waves wash over me Music is the point I dream of When I close my eyes to sleep Chorus: Yeah Music takes me to a world Where I am happy, I am free Music is the One I turn to Music lives inside of me
I’m tired of being lonely Even when you’re near I’m tired of always fighting - so tired The years have passed by And yet we’re still together tonight Arguing, bickering Where did all the love we share go Please come back Please come back Love our love Please come back I’m tired of always hiding Even from myself I’m tired of all the lies we’ve told us - so tired The years have passed by Yet we’re still alone tonight Words of pain, tears of hate When did all the love we share die
Love 03:38
You’re eyes are closed You’re next to me Our fingers touching Don’t fall a sleep I want to see you nude in the moonlight The shore is empty, this time its right Cause you are the one for me Baby can you see We were meant to be This is destiny Our lips are tender Our bodies close Our hearts reaching Who could give the most, thoughts are dancing slow Our thighs now meet, our souls are singing, harmony sweet Yes you are the one for me We were meant to be Love is in so deep This is destiny Love is so sweet.
Dream 03:37
Here are your thoughts Here is your soul Here is the time Here is the goal Here is your gift Here is your light There is the moon and This is the night So what’s your desire dear? Write it down here Make sure its clear This is a prayer - Yeah Now don’t you be afraid - No no no The power lies within the body Hold that picture in your mind Now close your eyes And realize You’ll be alright Its starting Chorus So let go And soar… spread your wings and fly away Let go And realize You’ll be alright No need to fight Its starting Here is your dream Here is your life Here is the truth and Here is the lie Here is your high Here is your low There is a way… but Before you go What’s your desire dear? Write it down here Hold it so near Make this is your prayer - Yeah Now don’t you be afraid- No no no Dreams only live within your body Hold that picture in your mind Now close your eyes And realize You’ll be alright Its starting
Spring Rain 02:57
VERSE 1 Inner falls Search my soul My silent soul Inner lights Need the sound of father sun before I find my way In a spring rain I was born CHORUS In this body Nature's body I've found my soul It's angels' party… in my body We'll dance with timeless soul In spring rain VERSE 2 On my hands Water's falling in the forest inside of me I'm already too far And the sky sends its light for me To clear my eyes
This world shun your light Was too bright for its eyes Left you to grope around In darkness Over the years You fought for your right To give to receive love Now you leave us return to the light Body lies in the grave No more life - no more pain.
My Brother 04:22
My brother I’m writing this To tell you I love you You showed me what true friendship means This life is rough But knowing you has made me better You shared your strength And I want you to know Brother You help me to grow I thank you Where ever you go Always be/stay true Sitting here Thinking of Tough times I came through You were there, helped me make it through This life gets rough But knowing you has made me stronger You shared your faith
May you laugh loudly with all your heart and soul Ancestors grant us love May you bless each life you touch along your path May you overcome your pain Chorus Peace be unto you Blessings in all you do May prosperity forever be a friend of yours Ancestors light our way May your demons cease to scream and bring you fear May they inspire you to grow Chorus Peace be unto you Blessings in all you do May the raindrops always caress your soul Ancestors grant us peace May you always climb the mountain of your dreams May happiness surround you Chorus Peace be unto you Blessings in all you do
Ones of Old 02:45
The glow of 7 white candles A circle of sea salt Ancient words to open earth’s doors 1 drum beat dancing outside You’ve fallen in a trance Oh life’s burning with desire Oh I’m speaking with the Ones of Old Oh I’m filled with new meanings High above this world I go I’m seeing with new eyes now An alter in the woods A life misunderstood 4 symbols start with air Water cleanse me, earth remake Fire give me life
Hold On 03:55
I laid in my bed last night Starring up to the sky The walls seem to be closing in around me Tears welled up in the corner of my eye Seems like these problems will never end I need an answer - tell me when will this end I know others looking in on me Think that I have so much they see all the things that I am doing They don’t see me leaning on this crutch Hope springs eternal as long as life lasts But I need an answer - tell me when will this end Hold on
Free 04:34
Cut the strings untie the things That keep you down, bound, facing ground Lost now found Undo the knot that keeps you caught Wrought in despair, change is here So calm your fears No more disillusions No more pain regrets No more running scared when things don’t turn out right No more sad heartbreaks No more broke heartaches No more wondering what will happen to me in the end Free I want to be free I want to soar, I want to fly High in the sky no more to cry Or watch love go by One step at a time is how I’ll climb Won’t stop until I reach the top
Peace 06:07
What would you do if you saw 2 children arguing? What would you do if one of them was your own? Now what would you do if they broke out into a fight? How long would it take for you to call for… Peace Would if matter which child was right or which was wrong? Would it matter which child struck the first blow? Would it matter which religion each child belonged to? No it wouldn’t matter at all; you’d just want some… Peace Well if this is what we want for our children Why don’t we want if for ourselves? War is never the answer, so lift your voice and call for… Peace
I am begging at this corner I am lying here in rags But I don't need no money I want something that will last I am sitting in the sunshine But all I feel is rain I wish I knew the answers So I could end this pain Winter is coming But I have no where to go I hope I don't die this time around I hope I find my way back home Cause they say that I cannot live out here in the streets They say this is no place for me to be They say this box is not a home They say that man cannot live alone That's why my hands they are trembling Cause I'm tired and I'm scared Tonight my cup is empty It hasn't been filled in years Chorus So put a little bit a love in my cup now Put a little bit of love today Put a little bit a of love in my cup Put a little bit of love today
I am a warrior preparing for war I am a warrior I step through this door The enemy is ignorance, the enemy is hate I am a warrior, I’m fighting for love.
Lost/Found 07:02
I once was lost but now I’m found Was blind but now I see I had been bound, my head facing down And I stayed there out of my fear I shut out the light, lost all my sight Believe the lies and your soul dies Felt like a jail, set up to fail Glued to a box, couldn’t hear life knocks Place I had been, knew I couldn’t win Believe the lies and your soul dies
U 04:55
CHORUS U are my sun U are my moon My universe revolves around U U are my light my day and night Clouds part when U enter the room U are the wind U are the rain Wash me make me whole again U are my life U are my life VERSE 1 This morning as I gaze at Ur sleeping face There’s so much that I want to say I want to tell U now how much U mean to me I want to tell U now U mean the world to me VERSE 2 I’d be lost and lonely without U I’d be like a ship afloat without a sail I’d do anything to spare U pain I’d give up everything to live this way
Someday 05:25
Someday we’ll get together Someday we’ll be all right Someday we’ll stop this hatred That’s keeping us apart Someday we’ll know what love is Someday we’ll lend a hand Someday we’ll know who God is Someday we’ll understand Someday I’ll look into your heart Someday you’ll look in mine Just think of the happiness You and I could find Someday we’ll hug our sisters Someday erase the scars Someday we’ll see our brothers Someday remove the bars Someday we know our children Love them for who they are
Faithful 05:24
You told me you're broken Told me you’re through So much has happened don't know what to do You've cried your last cry said your good-byes Don't need him around just pulls you down Have to put it all behind you leave if love's not true He's not the one for you He lies cheats never loves you Shows you no respect always leaves you sitting here Crying in a wreck But I will be faithful Can you find it in your heart to make a brand new start Know that I'm here for you know that I care Look into my eyes What do you see What do you feel Do you feel how I am aching sitting here watching you cry Can you see my heart breaking hearing you say you want to die Can you feel the pain consuming me hearing you still love him Can you know the anguish of my soul Knowing that I could never say That I will be faithful I wish you could hear me… I'm saying I love you I wish you could feel… I'm holding you tight You're forever in my heart… I could never hurt you I wish you could believe That I will be faithful.
Another Day 02:12
I see you standing there Brown as Earth Light is drawn to u And I… I am drawn to sound The sound of bare feet against cool wooden floors The sound of your voice against my earlobes What dominates your dreams? What controls desire? What ignites the fire? What takes you higher? What brings ecstasy to your fantasy. Intensity to your sensuality. What combines urgency, necessity, and exhibits complexity in my humanity. Is it song? Is it poem? Is it candle light, the feeling of being light Skin pressed tight, soft nibble, gentle bite Bodies that fight and unite. But u pass right by A rose, a scent, a sigh Mother Earth breathes, Adjective and superlative cease to be definitive Too sweet for words, too sweet to express Too deep to formulate, too raw to communicate Feelings and emotions suffocate, as I stare intently Gaze directly in hateful anonymity at the brilliance That is vanishing before my eyes Step by step. Emptiness consumes. Longing reverberates thru the hollow of me. I am as I was b4.
Every step along your way Will lead your closer to me And every sound my mouth creates Will lure you closer to me Chorus Wade in the water It's really not deep Gaze out on the ocean if only for a peak And when you get to that side Where you feel you have to hide Think of cool waters- the way you made me smile Think of soft winds- the way you felt inside In the dark where I wait for the dawn I will say your cognomen And when you do perceive I'll be hear calming your fears Wade in the water.
Me & U 03:45
There you are... loving There you are... trusting I do believe in this love we share I have no fear now that you are here In my life Here I am... near you I only live... for you And baby I want this way I feel to never end You're my friend until the end End of time So here we are... together I am yours... forever And up until now I never knew what love could do It brought me you So here we are... caring sharing loving And until now I never knew what love could do Me & U We'll make it through anything.
Come Back 05:10
I wonder Are u asleep tonight Asleep while the moon gives light And my heart don't feel so right You're not by my side I thought of you As the sun went away And I can't wait 'til my night will turn again to day I need you in my life All the fights we had Don't seem to be so big right now And all the pain we shared Is nothing like the pain I bear So close your eyes and may you have sweet dreams And if there's time please think of me I'll be waiting here 'Til the morning comes Now I know I've done you wrong I never should have left your side But sometimes as we look away the treasure in our palms slips away So now as I say goodnight On my knees in this candlelight I'm begging you Please come back to me.
The Sad Song 04:02
VERSE 1 Tear filled brown eyes A look to memorize Dark full lips The ones you never kissed A feeling deep inside As dark as suicide You run your fingers through my hair And then you disappear-Oh VERSE 2 Your things' still in my drawer Your pictures line the corridor I wish I could have known Tonight I'd be alone You put your hands around my heart And then you pull apart Blood is everywhere But you don't even care-Oh.
More Love 04:41
VERSE 1 Have you ever paused to look into her eyes Have you taken the time to find out why she cries Would you stay for a while, while he tried to remove his disguise And showed you the fear that he found buried deep inside VERSE 2 Everyone out there yes they too deserve respect It's not just ones with whom you can connect Sometimes what appears to be different in truth is the same Truth and love together should be the aim BRIDGE Cause there's pain and the air And sweet smiles hide deep despair And you could dry a tear if you cared CHORUS More love We need more love
My soul has been longing For some belonging Searching never found Ever spinning round My heart has been waiting Anticipating Joy truly ever flowing Peace beyond my knowing I’ve been waiting for you Been up been down been all around I yearn the warmth of your sound I’ve been waiting for you I hoped and prayed then cried for days But now you’re here in me Motion always comes to rest Flying birds soon come to nest Immersed in beauty void of sight Midnight sun illuminate my night It’s quiet here inside me Harmony reigns over me I come to rest within myself Here I do belong I’ve been waiting for you I rest in peace my agony released I’m sleeping in your arms I’ve been waiting for you Melody passes through me and I’m born again Now I don’t care what you think about me I only know there’s peace within my soul Now you may choose whatever Thing that pleases you But it won’t take my love.
You gave me life You held me close A Heart of pure gold My first breath My first step You watched me grow You called my name Goodness and light You gave me hope This is my song for you The hours The lessons The words and the books The questions The answers The knowledge- the truth Right and wrong You made me strong The power in you And this is my song for you The prayers you prayed The nights you stayed Down On your knees The tears you cried, the pain you hide The joy that you bring The love you give The life you live The truth in your goals You’re a rose enriching my soul I honor you I cherish you I lift you up I pray for you only the best And in the heavens above That You will hear for eternity This message of love This is my song for you
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Tread Softly 03:57
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Over 2 hours of singing... with background vocals from my first 4 CDs.


released August 1, 2009

Producer - Nhojj
Pre-production - Jonwerx Recording
Recorded & Mixed at JW Recording Studios, Touch of Sam Sweet, uni aum Entertainment Studios
Additional recording at Art Studio
Engineers - Jon Evans & Arsenio "Artie" Rodriguez, Nhojj
Additional Recording & Engineering - Brett Michael Wiesman, Dan Diaz, ClffSound Productions, Secret Forest Productions, Funk/Soul Productions
Mixing - Jon Evans & Nhojj
Mastering - Robert Honablue at The Disc Factory, Discmakers, Gene Paul at DP Plus Digital Sound Studios

Guitars - David Stark, Butch Taylor, Marcelo Cardozo
Keyboards - Carl Evans, Tom Camp, SMS, Sam Archer, Adlai
String Programming - Carl Evans
Bass - Josquin des Pres, Butch Taylor
Drums - Michael Evans, Joel Rosenblatt
Drum Programming - SMS
Percussion - Tommy Aros, Jary Mall, Jennifer Corsaro
Violin & Cello - April Roach
Horns & Flute - Chris Klich, Courtney Fadlin
Trombone - Bob Carlson, Lestor Roach
Baritone Sax - Scott Harper
Tenor/Alto Sax - SMS
Trumpet - Bill Losier
Scratch FX - DJ Kool Kat
Background Vocals - Nhojj, Sam Martinborough, Dwayne Bramwell, Ishmael Jeffers
Background Vocal Arrangements - Nhojj
Executive Producer - Ron San Marchi
Legal Representation - John Fitzgerald


all rights reserved



Nhojj Orlando, Florida

Singer/songwriter and poet wading through the rivers of R&B, soul, jazz, and reggae.

My intention is to create sonic spaces where you can experience yourself through the lens of love and acceptance.

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