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I've Been Waiting for You

by Nhojj

CHORUS I've been waiting for you Waiting for you I've been up and down I've been all around I yearn the warmth of your sound I've been waiting for you Waiting for you Melody passes through me And I am born again
Faithful 06:16
VERSE 1 You told me you're broken Told me you’re through So much has happened don't know what to do You've cried your last cry said your good-byes Don't need him around just pulls you down Have to put it all behind you leave if love's not true He's not the one for you He lies cheats never loves you Shows you no respect always leaves you sitting here Crying in a wreck CHORUS I will be faithful I will be faithful I will be faithful VERSE 2 Can you find it in your heart to make a brand new start Know that I'm here for you know that I care Look into my eyes What do you see What do you feel Do you feel how I am aching sitting here watching you cry Can you see my heart breaking hearing you say you want to die Can you feel the pain consuming me hearing you still love him Can you know the anguish of my soul Knowing that I could never say That I will be faithful BRIDGE I wish you could hear me… I'm saying I love you I wish you could feel… I'm holding you tight You're forever in my heart… I could never hurt you I wish you could believe
Another Day 02:16
I see you standing there Brown as Earth Light is drawn to u And I… I am drawn to sound The sound of bare feet against cool wooden floors The sound of your voice against my earlobes What dominates your dreams? What controls desire? What ignites the fire? What takes you higher? What brings ecstasy to your fantasy. Intensity to your sensuality. What combines urgency, necessity, and exhibits complexity in my humanity. Is it song? Is it poem? Is it candle light, the feeling of being light Skin pressed tight, soft nibble, gentle bite Bodies that fight and unite. But u pass right by A rose, a scent, a sigh Mother Earth breathes, Adjective and superlative cease to be definitive Too sweet for words, too sweet to express Too deep to formulate, too raw to communicate Feelings and emotions suffocate, as I stare intently Gaze directly in hateful anonymity at the brilliance That is vanishing before my eyes Step by step. Emptiness consumes. Longing reverberates thru the hollow of me. I am as I was b4.
VERSE 1 Every step along your way Will lead your closer to me And every sound my mouth creates Will lure you closer to me CHORUS Wade in the water It's really not deep Gaze out on the ocean if only for a peak And when you get to that side Where you feel you have to hide Think of cool waters- the way you made me smile Think of soft winds- the way you felt inside VERSE 2 In the dark where I wait for the dawn I will say your cognomen And when you do perceive I'll be hear calming your fears
Me & U 03:39
VERSE 1 There you are... loving There you are... trusting I do believe in this love we share I have no fear now that you are here In my life VERSE 2 Here I am... near you I only live... for you And baby I want this way I feel to never end You're my friend until the end End of time VERSE 3 So here we are... together I am yours... forever And up until now I never knew what love could do It brought me you VERSE 4 So here we are... caring sharing loving And until now I never knew what love could do Me & U We'll make it through anything
Come Back 04:56
VERSE 1 I wonder Are u asleep tonight Asleep while the moon gives light And my heart don't feel so right You're not by my side I thought of you As the sun went away And I can't wait 'til my night will turn again to day I need you in my life BRIDGE All the fights we had Don't seem to be so big right now And all the pain we shared Is nothing like the pain I bear So close your eyes and may you have sweet dreams And if there's time please think of me I'll be waiting here 'Til the morning comes VERSE 2 Now I know I've done you wrong I never should have left your side But sometimes as we look away the treasure in our palms slips away So now as I say goodnight On my knees in this candlelight I'm begging you Please come back to me.
The Sad Song 03:58
VERSE 1 Tear filled brown eyes A look to memorize Dark full lips The ones you never kissed A feeling deep inside As dark as suicide You run your fingers through my hair And then you disappear-Oh VERSE 2 Your things' still in my drawer Your pictures line the corridor I wish I could have known Tonight I'd be alone You put your hands around my heart And then you pull apart Blood is everywhere But you don't even care-Oh.
We need We need We need Love
More Love 04:37
VERSE 1 Have you ever paused to look into her eyes Have you taken the time to find out why she cries Would you stay for a while, while he tried to remove his disguise And showed you the fear that he found buried deep inside VERSE 2 Everyone out there yes they too deserve respect It's not just ones with whom you can connect Sometimes what appears to be different in truth is the same Truth and love together should be the aim BRIDGE Cause there's pain and the air And sweet smiles hide deep despair And you could dry a tear if you cared CHORUS More love We need more love
VERSE 1 My soul has been longing For some belonging Searching never found Ever spinning round My heart has been waiting Anticipating Joy truly ever flowing Peace beyond my knowing CHORUS I’ve been waiting for you Been up been down been all around I yearn the warmth of your sound I’ve been waiting for you I hoped and prayed then cried for days But now you’re here in me VERSE 2 Motion always comes to rest Flying birds soon come to nest Immersed in beauty void of sight Midnight sun illuminate my night It’s quiet here inside me Harmony reigns over me I come to rest within myself Here I do belong CHORUS 2 I’ve been waiting for you I rest in peace my agony released I’m sleeping in your arms I’ve been waiting for you Melody passes through me and I’m born again BRIDGE Now I don’t care what you think about me I only know there’s peace within my soul Now you may choose whatever Thing that pleases you But it won’t take my love.
The Lullaby 02:40
VERSE Hush little one Don't let the insanity Disquiet you Let it go You have tormented self For far too long BRIDGE Why do you agonize And crucify yourself Transcend this dormancy Search for tranquility CHORUS Sleep little one Sleep little one Sleep little one


Music from this album was featured at the 2002 International Fringe Festival in the Jacob A. Weiser Playwriting Award winning play “The Making of the Black Man.”

“May be blessed with musical genius… I must also admit, that while holding my 6-month-old daughter, I was emotionally overwhelmed when I heard the beautiful title tune, “I’ve Been Waiting.” I realized that I had been waiting for her all my life.”

“Phenomenal. I liked that there are all different kinds of love. There is the romantic aspect but there is also the spiritual dimension.”

“I’ve Been Waiting For You” is a gift of pure honesty, emotion, and unblemished musical talent, encased in jeweled wrapping.”


released December 1, 2001

All Songs written, arranged & produced by Nhojj
Additional production by Adlai & Sam Archer
Mixed by Nhojj
Mastered by Discmakers
Photography Jerry James & Nhojj


all rights reserved



Nhojj Orlando, Florida

Singer/songwriter and poet wading through the rivers of R&B, soul, jazz, and reggae.

My intention is to create sonic spaces where you can experience yourself through the lens of love and acceptance.

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