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Know Thyself

from Nhojj Poetry Vol. 2 by Nhojj



I’ve always been drawn to this ancient aphorism…

Know thyself. This philosophy has been expounded by so many... Confucius, Prophet Muhammad, new age neophytes, Aristotle, Rumi, Bhagavad Gita, ancient Egyptians, and the list goes on…

There is so much power enclosed under this facade of skin...


There is a cloak 
Covering his eyes
Three messages ringing in his ear + 
A cross hanging over his heart 

His mouth only utters platitudes
So his prayers never make it past low altitudes   

Numb.  For many years 
He does not speak... why speak if 
No one is listening

He sits under the tree of knowledge of good and evil and waits for apples to fall from the sky.  This is his classroom.  But he doesn’t make the grade.  He doesn’t get the A,  but day by day he learns how... 

Truth hides in history and how history hides the truth... and there is much hiding in the history of the rectory, Africa and slavery.

Cause and effect...

In Nag Hammadi, the woman Sophia found the missing pieces of this puzzle... cause in effect this story has many puzzling pieces... and many people are still missing... and many nieces are still praying to a god in the sky forgetting that She is always nearby.

Impressions and light always change depending on where one is standing and what one is witnessing.   Now that was truly mind boggling 

He also learns 
Compassion, kindness and forgiveness.  

Now all these years later, he returns to the house he left so long ago wearing a white flag on his sleeve.

Let him who is without sin caste the first stone... well he let go of sin and stones a long time ago.  

Now he focuses on love, and it is with love in his heart and Sophia’s mystical wisdom holding his hand that he steps up onto this soap box... knowing someone is always listening, even if that someone is only me.  

Now he speaks...

Drink peace from whichever bottle you find it in, 
but look around you...
There are many bottles on the shelf
There are many ways to 
Know thyself


from Nhojj Poetry Vol. 2, track released January 20, 2018
Written & performed by Nhojj
Contains sample of "Father Lead Me" by Nhojj


all rights reserved



Nhojj Orlando, Florida

Singer/songwriter and poet wading through the rivers of R&B, soul, jazz, and reggae.

My intention is to create sonic spaces where you can experience yourself through the lens of love and acceptance.

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