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Escaping the Matrix

from Nhojj Poetry Vol. 2 by Nhojj



Some friends and I were sitting in a little bar, somewhere in Massachusetts, eating something or another, when this movie trailer appeared on the TV screen. All conversation paused while the Matrix’s flow motion visual effects paralyzed our sense of reality.

Since then I’ve been fascinated with this film... I guess you could call this the poetry edition.

I believe some filmmakers devote their energy to making this world a better place. In my book, the Wachowski sisters (once the Wachowski brothers) are such artists.


My name is Neo 
I am the one
This is not a joke
Or a game or a blockbuster movie
This is real 
This is

Let me tell you my story... I

Was living my life
In my own little world 
a little high tech hi-fi WiFi sporting 
9-to-5 neck ties hardwired to survive 
The man-made demands the man made on me
The boss and his reprimands

That was me 
A few short years ago
Looking out the window longing for 

Everything seemed a little 2 hazy 
Everyone seemed a little 2 shady
So I stayed in my room and learnt to program
Developed code for the brain’s software 
Because mine seemed to be malfunctioning 
Bogged down by bugs, glitches and defective manufacturing 

Then one night
I got a call 
Screen blinking code signals green
Hands unseen sending messages from beyond
Cryptic correspondence 
Clipped my despondence
Mother.  Sister.  Daughter. 
Eclipsed by the son
Her redemption now begun
Thou art 

He is a She?
Patriarchal society everyone 
God the father 
God the sun
And so on so 
Truth hid or went on the run
Or was burned at the stake
Witch hunts still make the news
Witch hunts still garner more TV views

This world...
This reality...
This human construct
We all downloaded 
Onto our internal hard drives and
Losing our memory to 
Follow its commands like our lives depended on it but

The colors are so vivid
The sounds so real
The people jostling in the streets so visceral and 
This fear 
This perpetual fear lurking ever so near that we
Feel it must be real

So we kneel 
When we should stand and stand when 
We should kneel
Living up to other’s ideals
Dismissing what is really real
It’s time to heal
No time cannot reveal
Because time came with the deal
Hard to stomach?

I believed it 2
Sometimes still do
Allegory of the caves
Our people sitting like slaves
Facing walls believing in shadows
That walk and talk and blind us
That chalk outlines define us 
Let blocks and signs confine us
Let ghosts from our past undermine us
Obliterating our light we think others can outshine us 
So our present brings no gifts
Just deprives us 
of our future 

Wounds run deep 
I know... 
Forgiveness is the suture 

What Plato understood
What I wish we all could
Open our eyes

These shadows on our wall 
are only shadows on a wall 
And this ain’t even our wall
Crawl out of this cave we’re in 
Living with concepts of sin 
Holding our heads 
Like blinders on thoroughbreds 
Be quiet don’t spook the horses
I say “try it”... resist the forces

Turn around and see your light
At first sight it might be too bright
It’s natural after living life in one endless night 
Yeah right...  but 
Show me how 

Mere words 
Aren’t enough
Action is required 
And since I can’t change you 
I change me
Now do you see 
why...  I am the one?

I must be
All change must start with 
Me in
Me by
Me through 
Me change is hard and 
You can’t do it for

Now you see  
This is not a joke
Or a game or a blockbuster movie
This is real 
This is

Welcome to the Matrix
It’s physical, mental and spiritual grand theft.  Now it’s time to exit 
Stage left...

In dream’s hand 
Morphing and amorphous like Morpheus
Lies 2 choices 
Don’t be fooled 
There is only one.  A
Blue pill to sleep and a 
Red pill to...
Wake up!


from Nhojj Poetry Vol. 2, track released January 27, 2018
Written & performed by Nhojj
Contains sample of "Live Your Life" by Nhojj


all rights reserved



Nhojj Orlando, Florida

Singer/songwriter and poet wading through the rivers of R&B, soul, jazz, and reggae.

My intention is to create sonic spaces where you can experience yourself through the lens of love and acceptance.

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